The Little Red Hen Preschool & Early Years is the dream & vision of Daisy Susan, psychologist & teacher whose idea was to create a unique environment for learning and play using the principles of the British Early Foundation Years, a very structured program that gives good measure of progress yet allows for flexibility and innovation in teaching.

Learning at the Little Red Hen Preschool in Kothanur & Thanisandra, Bengaluru

Most of the teaching at Little Red Hen Preschool has been designed to stimulate learning that is suited to the age group. In addition, the scientific principle that emotion has a key role to play in learning processes has led to the use of the outdoors and nature in a pivotal way in planning of lessons. Our Teaching systems are based on well-founded research on the brain and its processes and uses information from the best resources available worldwide.

Smitha Srihari


Smitha Srihari is a graduate in Physics with a Post-graduate Diploma in Creative teaching (PGDCT), BrainGym certified & Indian Montessori Training Course. With over a decade of experience in teaching the primary levels of International Schools, her exposure in multi-cultural backgrounds lend  a unique blend of creativity and innovation to her approach and style of teaching.

Smitha has worked with ESL students in her tenure and is adept in the delivery of language especially to this age group. Her passion for teaching the very young is reflected in the culture and the ethos of Little Red Hen Preschool & Early Years.


– Karnataka Council of Pre-Schools (KCPS)
Early Childhood Association
– Recognised by the Government of Karnataka


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The Little Red Hen Philosophy

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

The driving philosophy of Little Red Hen Preschool is to transform the young in its care into confident & wholesome individuals.

The young little boys and girls that will leave Little Red Hen Preschool & Early Years will be guided to believe in themselves, which is the first and single step to success.

Confidence and a sense of worth in little ones is the product of a caring and secure environment, and the atmosphere and ethos of the school reflects the above in great measure.

The process of teaching is distinctive and planned using international resources from qualified & authorized institutions.