Newsletter – October 2022 | Toddler Play

Branch: Kothanur

September Highlights

Month’s Theme – ☀️🍂Seasons❄️🌱

CircleTime Songs
🎵 Little snowflakes🎵 1 2 buckle my shoe
🎵 Rain rain go away🎵 Days of the week
🎵 Rainbow song🎵 Month of the year
🎵 Mr. sun🎵I hear thunder I hear thunder
🎵 1 2 3 4 5 once I cough a fish alive

📆 Important Dates to Remember

03.10.2022 to 07.10.2022Monday to FridayDussehra Holidays
10.10.2022MondayResume classes
21.10.2022FridayDiwali Celebration
24.10.2022 to 26.10.2022Monday to WednesdayDiwali Holidays
27.10.2022ThursdayResume classes

💡 Learnings for October

Areas of LearningConcepts
NumeracyNumber –
-Compare and estimate length in tall, short, long, big, and small.
-Compare and estimate weight in terms of heavy, light
-Be able to name the days of the week
-Count objects up to 6
-Say numbers up to 10
Literacy-Identification and Recognition of letter sounds d, g, o
-Recap of letter sound s, a ,t , p , i ,n ,c ,k, h ,r ,m, d ,g ,o
Knowledge and Understanding of the WorldSeasons –
-Recognition of seasons
-To identify and differentiate between summer, rainy, and winter seasons.
-Concept of Hot, cold, and warm
Sensorial-Spindle Box
-Cylinder blocks
-Heavy and light through Baric tablets
-Long and short through red rods.

🖍️ Basic Stationery List

Parents can make the below stationary available at home for easy assistance.

  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Sharpeners
  • Crayons
  • Sketch Pens
  • Child-friendly scissor
  • Non-toxic glue bottles
Arts Crafts Preschool Activities

📘 How can Parents help at Home?

👪Parents can discuss how the change in temperature reflects the passing away of one season and the arrival of the other.

👨‍👦Parents can take their child along whenever they go to buy a new dress and explain that dresses are made of different materials keeping in mind the various seasons.

🧥Showing woolen garments, tell that these are meant to be worn during winter when it is cold, or that cotton dresses are most suitable for summer when it is hot.

🍆Parents can show that different vegetables grow during different seasons because they require different climatic conditions. 

🌹Take a walk in the garden and show the different flowers and discuss during which time of the year they can see them bloom.

🎆India is a land of festivals we celebrate different festivals during different times of the year.

📚Encourage your child to pretend to read, especially in books that contain repetition and rhyme. Most children who enjoy reading will eventually memorize all or parts of a book and imitate your reading. This is a normal part of reading development.

🔉Letter sounds identification through books can be done and jolly phonic songs are easily available on YouTube.

📰Activities such as circling the letter sounds in newspapers or magazines at home.

🔢Numbers can be revised through objects, number books, puzzles, and number cards if available at home.

🧩Parents can encourage their child, without touching the objects, to sort things that are heavy and things that are light.

🥣Give your child plastic bowls or straws or pencils of varying sizes.

🧸Stacking and sorting toys are a great way to teach your child the difference between big and small.

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