Homeroom Teacher

Foundation 1
2+ years

  • Business Management Graduate (PGDBM)
  • Diploma in Pre Primary Teaching


Home schooling my child lead me to discover my flair for teaching and the joy while spending time with her and reading and understanding a lot about Dr.Maria Montessori, encouraged me to be an Educator. With the belief that “The best education is not given to students, it is drawn out of them and it is the teaching profession which makes all profession possible”, I pursued a career change from a corporate employee to being an Early Education Teacher. Children are very receptive and feel the energy stimulated around them. As an Educator, I am full of enthusiasm, ready to listen and willing to view from a child’s perspective. The very smile which a child brings out in me, and the joy of teaching, as well joy of learning is what motivates me to be with children. My effort would be to unlock the treasure which is there in every child.


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