Parents hold the key to their child’s future and especially so in these formative years of preschool. Research has shown that children who have balanced involvement and guidance of parents are the ones who are well positioned to realize their potential. We believe that our parents are part of the learning process here, and invite them to share their triumphs, joys and maybe the occasional failures. We welcome, tips, recipes any bit that can add flavor and makes for good reading !

Our Home-based Online Learning Program for Pre-schoolers

Preschool Admissions

We follow a simple procedure. Please make use of the Quick Contact Forms available across our website to take the first step with Little Red Hen Preschool & Early Years. Once we receive your inquiry, we would invite you to visiting our school premises before admission along with the child to personally learn first-hand about the Little Red Hen experience. The admission package will then be issued to the parents, which contains the admission form, personal information sheets and the fee structure, including a short information sheet for parents. It is advised that you prepare to spend the half day filling out the form so that the school office has all the details which can be recorded and kept for use from the first day.



Preschool Uniforms

Children should be comfortable in their clothes they wear to school. Activities at school involve movement and action and your little one should be appropriately dressed for the same. Please send a change of dress every day in their bags. If we send soiled clothing, please ensure that they are replaced the next day.

Food at Little Red Hen

We prefer healthy living at all ages! Please send home cooked food that your child enjoys and prefers. We provide snacks mid-morning, which will have cereal/ fruit/sandwiches and a drink. Food is vegetarian and will accommodate variations only for special occasions.


Transportation Facilities

Little Red Hen Preschool & Early Years has a well-structured and organised transport system in place for all its children from the 4 learning programs available in weekdays. Each trip schedule with the drop timings are set and also shared with the parents in advance. The drivers’ professional antecedents have been scruitinised and validated, and there is a staff representative physically present for the entire duration of each trip. Please do get in touch with us if you would need assistance with transportation of your child.

Communication with the Preschool Team

Our channels of communication between parents, preschool teachers and Little Red Hen Preschool is managed chiefly through the website, our official phone line & email address and the Little Red HenApp, which enables a very simple and secure way for us to reach out to parents almost instantly. All the parents of enrolled preschoolers with Little Red Hen preschool are automatically onboarded on the App through their registered mobile numbers and email contacts. The Little Red Hen App provides an easy and convenient way for us to communicate directly with parents on their smart phones, enabling seamless school-parent communication – anytime and anywhere.


Please feel free to call the Preschool on 98864 78800 or through email on to reach out to us. Please do note that any communication that requires us to do the needful on the same day has to be sent before 9:00 am.

Our Home-based Online Learning Program for Pre-schoolers