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Arts & Craft

  • Age group :All Programs
  • Frequency : Week days
  • Led by : LRH Team
  • Addl Support: Evam's Happy Cow

Art and craft activities are crucual to a child’s development. If they are making a ‘mess’ of it all in the adult’s eye with their paint, brushes, paper, tiny hands and a driving imagination – the truth is they are enjoying every minute of their unbridled creativity.

This creative energy, when given a direction or gently course-corrected towards their final port of creativity yields huge rewards in their later stages of life. Involving in arts & craft activity is a part of the curriculum for all our learning programs at Little Red Hen School & Early Years.

Arts and craft helps children express themselves more freely, makes them familiar with the ‘room for improvement’ concept, improve on teamwork & social skills, finetunes their motor skills and most importantly, teaches them the fundamental concept of failure – that it is okay and the important part is trying as many times as one wants to get it right. By right, it means how it is in his/her imagination.

Little Red Hen School & Early Years is proud to be partnered with Alchemy Creative Collective based out of Bengaluru for its preschool arts & craft activities for all learning programs.

Our Home-based Online Learning Program for Pre-schoolers


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