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Loose Parts Play – Outdoors

  • Age group :All Programs
  • Frequency : Week days
  • Led by : LRH Team

Little Red Hen Preschool has, for the first time, introduced Loose Parts Play for Outdoors for preschoolers in Bengaluru, and is one of the few playschools in the country to effective make use of it for preschool children’s dramatic and constructive play behaviors.

Conceptualised around a gamut of play activities that help develop the intrinsic faculties of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, balance and movement of early stage development, Little Red Hen Preschool has put in place the Sensory Pathway which is now hugely popular with all the preschool learning classes. The Sensory Path features different surface textures in its 7 sections and the preschoolers are encouraged to walk on barefoot on the Sensory Pathway in their own time.

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