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Storytelling for Preschoolers

  • Age group : All Programs
  • Library Day : Friday
  • Timings: Preschool Hours
  • Venue: Little Red Hen Library

Developing a love of reading is the cornerstone of our academic program. We read to our children everyday ! Everyone loves a good story and more so in our early years. The love of stories makes a magical effect on the developing imagination and enables  to look at the world with a refreshing sense of clarity.  Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Reading aloud is the single most important researched activity leading to language development and promotes early literacy skills such as:

  • Book handling and naming
  • Understanding how stories work
  • Recognition of sounds and letters
  • Knowledge of a wide range of vocabulary
  • Ability to express themselves ,
  • Communicate their thoughts and feelings.
  • Ability to listen and most importantly
  • Creates a life long positive association with books and learning

Storytelling happens through story cards, puppetry, roleplay or simply by narrations. It happens atleast once in a day. We also celebrate literacy week in October every year, where we invite renowned storytellers and authors to narrate stories and conduct theatre workshops.

Our Home-based Online Learning Program for Pre-schoolers


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