Little Red Hen Teachers

Staff members strive to be aware of each child’s needs and learning readiness, and they attempt to meet these needs through a wide range of preschool activities. We provide your children with the best early childhood educators, all of whom who are certified and experienced, because we understand that as early childhood educators, we must address the development of the whole child. We invite you to get to know us. Let us know of any questions and concerns through or communication channels via the website or our published phone numbers.

Curriculum at Little Red hen Preschools

Customised Curriculum

Our approach to curriculum is integrated, theme-based and sequential. Through careful observation the teachers become attuned to the interests of the children and provide materials to appropriately support each child’s learning. We believe that it is important to introduce new concepts, skills and themes to ensure that the children are experiencing a range of activities that further support their growth and development.


The Little Red Hen Preschools are located in cozy secluded spots, chosen specifically for safety of young children, and surrounded by expansive play grounds. The young children are given an opportunity to observe science in nature, and the environment promotes active and explorative learning which forms a big part of learning at this stage . We take all the precaution for the safety of your precious ones. Ample and scientifically designed play equipment, custom-made for learning and fun.


Safety & Security

We are housed in double-storied facilities, including sun-drenched learning and activity spaces, an indoor play area, and library. Our classrooms are all bright & expansive with easy, secure & clear access to rest-rooms for our students. 40 % of our preschool space is the outdoor play area, fluidly demarcated into a play lawn segment, synthetic play space and a unique, the first-of-its-kind Sensory Walkway – all conceptualised as a natural holistic extension of our indoor class rooms. We have a Nurse on board and teachers are trained in First Aid.

Classroom structure

At Little Red Hen, our child to teacher ratio is 15:1. We follow the tiered approach when designing classroom activities. Our Little Chicks are grouped and then taught and assessed on different levels of content on the same general curricular topic, in fluid groupings.


Expansive Outdoor Play

Outdoor play promotes the feel and luxury of being in the open, and running around, which is vital not only for motor stimulation, but generates the sensation of happiness and joy in children, add to this the camaraderie of peers and you have a happy child. Our Little Chicks will use state-of-the-art equipment and Loose Play parts equally, for both learning and fun.

Delightful Indoor Play

The Indoor play areas are for short breaks and is also used for structured activity when the class demands it. It is a lovely escape for children on rainy days as well. All equipment is carefully selected and conforms to internationally accepted standards such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); All toys and equipment are lead free and non–toxic. All toys and equipment are cleaned daily, checked for damages and replaced as and when needed.


Secured Premises

Our number one priority is the safety of the children in our care. To ensure your child’s safety, por preschool & daycare campuses employ technology that allows our staff instant access to your child’s arrival and departure times and the names of people authorized for drop off and pick up. The entire premises have CCTV cameras constantly monitored, physical 6 ft-walls securing the premises with a single entry/exit to the campus. Security personnel man the gate 24×7 to ensure the safety of the entire Little Red Hen community in the premises and also ensure that only authorized personnel are admitted into our building.

Learning in Nature

The children can have their own pot to grow vegetables in the premises ( to confirm ) where they can grow and tend to their own plants; this sits alongside our sensory garden – an area which is infused with colour and textures for the children to explore.

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