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The Home-based Learning Program Online for Children

Nothing should come between a child and his/her rightful desire to learn & grow !

All of us have collectively been impacted by the situation caused by COVID-19. Our children, families, companies, organizations across industries and schools around the world are having to adjust to the new realities of lockdowns and social distancing and the impacts that come with them.

Our Learning Program Online for Children


How critical is learning for a preschool child ?

90% of the child’s brain develops during the Pre-Primary and Primary school stage and ensuring that they continue to receive the right stimulation at the right time is critical in sustaining the development of our children in their preparation for life as an adult.

Under these circumstances, what is the most suitable way for their learning ?

Imparting meaningful and developmentally appropriate learning to our little ones at home is the need of the hour. A home-based learning program that runs at each child’s convenience with the parent as a facilitator will be the best way to help our children learn & grow.

What is Little Red Hen’s Home-based Learning Program Online for Children?

Our Home-based Learning Program is created as an extension of our regular learning & activities, where the child sets the pace, and has all the resources and physical learning activities. All this, the children do with their parents as facilitators, under our guidance !

Interested ?

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