The ultimate & handy Craft Essentials list for all Parents

  • The-ultimate-handy-Craft-Essentials-list-for-all-Parents

Yes, a Handy craft essentials for Parents !

I always find, myself running behind time especially in keeping up with my daughter’s projects. I make frequent last minute trips to stores close by for stationery which is an add on stress to a long day or I sometimes borrow things from my school.

As a teacher I do give children activities to take home with deep empathy. I have heard some Mommies crib about projects. Honestly, with a little bit of organizing and a positive attitude we can make projects enjoyable and a fun learning process for you and your child.

I have compiled a comprehensive list of craft essentials every parent should have handy at home to avoid last minute rush.

Here is the ultimate & handy Craft Essentials list for all Parents

1 Colour pens
2 Crayons
3 Poster colours/child friendly paints
4 KG Cardboard ( black, white and blue)
5 Black permanent marker
6 Scissors-small and big
7 Paint brushes(preferably thick ones)- round and flat
8 Shoe box
9 Empty cereal box
10 Scotch tape
11 Empty plastic bottles( 1 ltr and 500 ml)
12 Crepe paper – different colours
13 Stapler
14 Craft glue
15 Strong adhesive glue
16 Blue tack
17 Thin bendy wires
18 Pipe cleaners
19 Googly eyes
20 Craft paper of different colours
21 White A4 size paper
22 Ice cream sticks
23 Straws

Voila! You are ready to take on any project anytime or even a leisure craft with your child on a busy day.

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